Glory Days Presents!More Live Music in Gainesville & Southeast USA
BAY LEDGES, Causa, The Forum

Glory Days Presents!

BAY LEDGES, Causa, The Forum

Fri, February 15, 2019

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$6.00 - $8.00

• 18 or over, unless accompanied by parent/guardian.
• NO SMOKING inside the venue.
• Smoking allowed outside in the Beer Garden!
• $3 under 21 fee charged at the door

Bay Ledges
Bay Ledges
Bay Ledges makes indie-pop with the power to transport you to a sunnier time and place, an alternate dimension lit in the hazy glow of some faraway memory. On the L.A.-based band’s new single “I Remember,” singer/songwriter Zach Hurd magnifies that bittersweet mood with bright guitar riffs, airy synth lines, and summery grooves built on tightly sculpted beats. And in the lyrics—often delivered in spirited duet with Hurd’s sister Georgia—Bay Ledges channels a potent nostalgia for the simplicity of childhood. Made in collaboration with Miro Mackie (producer/songwriter/engineer known for his work with The Neighbourhood and St. Vincent), “I Remember” brings a certain wistful self-awareness to its wide-eyed reflection. “When Georgia and I were writing the lyrics, we talked a lot about those summers when we were really young, before we had to get a job or have any kind of responsibility,” says Hurd, who took the name Bay Ledges from a plot of land his grandparents owned in the Maine woods. “In a way it’s documenting the end of that carefree time and the start of the transition into adulthood, and everything else that comes along with that.”

In addition to crafting the song’s lyrics around idyllic details from his own childhood—wandering home from school with his sisters, daydreaming in the grass near their house in Bath, Maine—Hurd drew a great deal of inspiration from the latest season of Stranger Things. “I really love the way it takes you back in time through the music, clothing, and cinematic style,” he says. “It made me want to write a song that teleports you like that.” Hurd and Mackie achieved that effect partly by making ample use of vintage production gear, an element that lends the track a gracefully timeworn feel. “I Remember” marks Bay Ledges’ first release since 2017’s Fountain Tropical, an EP featuring their breakthrough single “Safe.” Soulful and sweetly melodic, “Safe” embodies the newfound feeling of possibility that Hurd discovered in moving to L.A. after spending a few years in New York City. At first, he had no intention of releasing the song—it was simply one of the many tracks he’d written and recorded on his own, purely as a means of reconnecting with the solace he’d found in making music as a kid. “It was just something to do for fun and to explore, without ever laboring over anything,” recalls Hurd, who was working in a restaurant and had purposely put his music career on the backburner. Still, at the urging of his sisters and friends, Hurd eventually released “Safe” online. Despite making little effort to promote the song, it quickly landed on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist, climbed up the Global Viral chart, and ultimately paved the way for Bay Ledges’ signing to S-Curve Records. In songs like “Safe” and “I Remember,” Bay Ledges shows the timeless sensibilities and playful experimentation Hurd has long brought to his music. Raised on The Band, Beach Boys, and Aretha Franklin records his parents spun at home, he began playing guitar in middle school and writing songs in his early teens, then later cut his teeth playing open-mic nights in college. Since starting Bay Ledges he’s expanded the live band to a four-piece, and begun taking the stage at festivals like SandJam Fest in Panama City and Emerge Impact + Music in Las Vegas. At the same time, Hurd’s also infused new energy into his creative process, largely by adopting a more beat-driven approach to songcraft. “I’ve been more and more inspired by some of the hip-hop production I’ve heard, and looked for ways to bring in some of those elements in terms of rhythm and space,” says Hurd. “There’s a lot out right now that’s very minimal, as opposed to ‘How big can we make this sound?’ I like the idea of seeing what you can do with the most essential pieces of a song, rather than trying to layer more synth on or add four more guitars. It’s just really fun to keep on exploring style and figure out the sonic language of this band.”

With appearances at festivals like KAABOO Del Mar, Quebec City Summer Festival, and Summerfest now on tap for Bay Ledges, Hurd aims to continue merging that sense of exploration with a deliberately hopeful spirit. “With a song like ‘I Remember,’ I was partly trying to capture the feeling of that time in your life when you’re not afraid to dream,” he says. “I think it’s important that a song takes you to a place in your mind that’s more connected to that dreaming. Even when I’m writing a song about heartbreak, I still want people to feel good, and come away with some kind of optimism.”
Alt Indie band out of Gainesville looking to have a good time and make good music.