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Violet Reverb, Chris Shaw and Co., Sara Rose

Violet Reverb

Chris Shaw and Co.

Sara Rose

Wed, June 6, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


• 18 or over, unless accompanied by parent/guardian.

• NO SMOKING inside the venue.

• Smoking allowed outside in the Beer Garden!

• $3 under 21 fee charged at the door

• All ticket sales are Non-Refundable unless the show is cancelled.

Violet Reverb
Violet Reverb
The band currently known as "Violet Reverb", was formed in about the spring of 2015 as "The Violet Groove Spring" in Gainesville, Florida. It was founded as a trio from members, Will Campbell and Colton Thomas, of the band "The Tantras" and a sole member, David Rodriguez, of the band The Us.

The beginning lineup of the band consisted of David Rodriguez on lead guitar and vocals, Will Campbell on bass guitar and backing vocals, and Colton Thomas on drums and percussion. For a few months, the trio performed many times at the Greek restaurant Sandy's Place and a one-off show in Jacksonville, FL at 1904 Music Hall.

The second-phase of the band began when bassist and backing vocalist Nathan Hutto joined the group in late 2015/early 2016 and the band became a four-piece. With Nathan Hutto taking bass guitar duties, Will Campbell moved to electric guitar letting the band weave a "rhythm/lead" guitar dynamic.
They started the year 2016 off by recording a 5 track EP called "Cloud Heavy". The band began playing more shows at The Hardback Cafe' in downtown Gainesville, which eventually gave momentum that lead to a phenomenal summer mini-festival performance at the historic Bo Diddley Plaza, which featured and helped promote many of the band's best songs and multiple covers including, AC/DC, The Beatles, and the band's most memorable version of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird" complete with slide guitar, and dual-guitar solos.

Soon after Autumn 2016, the bands drummer Colton Thomas relocated to Colorado Springs. Quickly, the band changed gears once more and became a trio again this time with Will Campbell on drums.
After many rehearsals and rearrangements of the music, the new three-piece formation became tight enough and the band started performing regularly at the High Dive in downtown Gainesville.
Well into 2017, the band gained substantial notoriety, and performed with many shows with many great bands including The Talking Dreads, an officially endorsed Talking Heads reggae-style tribute band.

The band eventually went through a phase of reformation. Bass player, Nathan Hutto's electronic synth pop-duo "Dandelion Doldrums" took off and performed an enormous amount of shows and house-parties that put strain on the bands inner-workings and goals.
Soon after, the band's friend Chris Shaw, was recruited to play bass guitar and lend backing vocals, and they played their first debut together at Hardback Cafe'.

With the many lineup changes and evolution, the band decided to change the title of the project to "Violet Reverb" and performs many shows as a two-piece duo with David Rodriguez on guitar/vocals and Will Campbell on drums/vocals when newly found bassist Chris Shaw is unable to perform. The band is planning on recording a small "demo"/"self-recorded" album and releasing it before the year is over.
Chris Shaw and Co.
Chris Shaw and Co.
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